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The Firemans' Choice for Fire Safety

Easier than ever, safer than before, the most reliable protection for your family and assets

Why choose Fire One over traditional extinguishers in australia?

one extinguisher used for most types of fires

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most types of fires

Suitable for most common types of fires you would find in your car, boat, 4WD and small domestic applications such as cooking fires

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Easiest to use

Everyone can use the simple push button start. Holding and operating a fire extinguisher is now easier than ever

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Save space & weight

In the boat, car, caravan & 4wd saving space & weight is a massive advantage of Fire One extinguishers

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No mess to clean up

Save time and frustration.  There's no powder storm or residue to clean up and no damage caused to wiring down the track

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No Maintenance ever

Our extinguishers don't need any physical maintenance, however we suggest a regular visual inspection. It has a shelf life of five years after the date of manufacture

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Non toxic green agent

Breathe easy. The EPA approved green agent is safe for humans, animals and the environment 

Fire One Extinguisher

About us

Fire One is an Australian based company providing next-generation fire safety solutions for your vehicle. Whether it's in marine, auto, four-wheel drive, caravan and or camping, our fire accessories will keep you protected.

Our fire extinguishers are the best choice for reliability & efficiency. Lightweight, compact and easy to use our extinguishers' nano-particle technology deliver a fire fighting ability of extinguishers many times their size. The extinguishing agent is non-toxic, non-corrosive, can be used on any type of fire, including a car fire, and does not leave a residue or mess to clean up. Fire One fire extinguishers are unique and the perfect appliance for the protection of valuable assets.

Reasons to buy fire safety equipment from us

Money back guarantee 
We want happy customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it to us within 30 days provided the product and packaging is not used or damaged

Free shipping for orders over $300
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Fire One Tv

Our Channel is a place to see our extinguishers in action & browse our short clips for tips on fire safety and adventurism..  click the icon

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They look different.. so did your phone 20 years ago!!

The 'First Response extinguisher' with 50grams of agent can do the same job as a 1kg dry powder without the messy clean up!

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