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Boat Fire Extinguishers & Safety Equipment

All boaties know that pre-trip preparation is essential for finding the fish, sailing or just motor cruising.  

Being fire ready is no different.

Did you know that the main cause of fires on boats is not actually linked to the engine or fuel?  The majority of maritime fires on recreational boats is caused by electrical faults.

The risk and impact of fire on a vessel at sea can be catastrophic because without safety equipment it's likely you'll be on your own for what might seem like an eternity until help arrives.

Fire One reduce the risk and impact with ever-ready maintenance-free extinguishers that work at the push of a button.  Marine approved by RINA and no mess to clean up as the agent is not a powder.

Fire One extinguishers are the best possible protection for your boat and family. 

Fire One recommends:

  • On deck  - The Adventurer extinguisher  - near the wheelhouse steering console
  • Galley - The First Response extinguisher
  • Under-deck areas - The First Response extinguisher outside the engine room/ bay, cabin berths
  • Electrical distribution cabinets and battery boxes - Suppression Stickers 

Download our FREE Fire Fighters Marine Fire Safety Cheat Sheet for tips to protect your boat

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They look different.. so did your phone 20 years ago!!

The 'First Response extinguisher' with 50grams of agent can do the same job as a 1kg dry powder without the messy clean up!

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