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Caravan, campers & motorhomes

Caravaners, campers and RV owners love to save space and weight.  With Fire One extinguishers this has never been easier.

Our extinguishers are the smallest on the market and capable of an extinguishing ability many times their size when compared to dry-powder.  There's also no powder storm to clean-up should you need to use it because the particles are so small they are consumed by the fire.

Best of all our extinguishers can be used on any type of fire. 

Fireman John recommends:

  • Caravans - First Response extinguisher - nearby the door is a good place.  Suppression Sticker - fitted to the battery box ( its probably under your bed)
  • RVs/ Motorhomes - walkthrough type - First Response extinguisher - near the living area door. Suppression Sticker for the battery box
  • RVs/ Motorhomes - separate cab living area type - Two First Response extinguishers.  One in the cab next to the drivers' door and one in the back nearby the living entrance door. Suppression Sticker for the battery box.

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They look different.. so did your phone 20 years ago!!

The 'First Response extinguisher' with 50grams of agent can do the same job as a 1kg dry powder without the messy clean up!

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