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Aussies love going remote, this can be 1 hour or 10 from the nearest town.  4wd  vehicle adventures should be stress-free and they are with the right preparation. 
Having the right fire safety equipment with you is much like having a working winch or your Maxtrax on standby, you'll never know when you'll need it but when you do it's a lifesaver.
Fire One recommends:
  • Cabin - The Adventurer fire extinguisher - nearby the driver's side door where it's easy to grab (you'll also need brackets to mount it)
  • Battery boxes/ distribution boxes - Suppression Sticker 
  • Camper Trailer -  The First Response - mount in an easy to reach and visible position
  • Caravan - First Response extinguisher near the van entrance and Suppression Stickers protecting electrical compartments and batteries
The Adventurer fire extinguisher
The fire Suppression Sticker

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They look different.. so did your phone 20 years ago!!

The 'First Response extinguisher' with 50grams of agent can do the same job as a 1kg dry powder without the messy clean up!

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