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First Response Fire Extinguisher

Product image 1Best fire extinguisher
Product image 2First Response Fire Extinguisher
Product image 3First Response Fire Extinguisher
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Product image 5First Response Fire Extinguisher A Fire Fighter In Your Pocket - Fire Extinguisher 4wd Auto Boat Camper Campervan
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Product image 7First Response Fire Extinguisher A Fire Fighter In Your Pocket - Fire Extinguisher 4wd Auto Boat Camper Campervan
Product image 8First Response Fire Extinguisher A Fire Fighter In Your Pocket - Fire Extinguisher 4wd Auto Boat Camper Campervan

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The FIRST RESPONSE extinguisher is small yet powerful. It's designed to hold in one hand and is super easy to use.  Pull the safety pin, aim at the fire and press the start button.

Small enough to fit in your car door pocket it packs an extinguishing punch of traditional extinguishers 9x its weight.  Replace your 1kg dry powder with the First Response.

The FIRST RESPONSE is safe, effective and versatile. You can use it on any type of fire that you'll find at home, in your car, boat, caravan, camper and 4wd. It utilises a patent potassium-based agent that is non-toxic and leaves no mess to clean up. 



  • Marine/Boat
  • Car / 4wds
  • Office
  • Camping/Hiking
  • Caravan / Camper trailer
  • Kitchen
  • Shed


  • Organic Solid Fires
  • Combustible Liquid Fires
  • Flammable Gas Fires
  • Cooking Fat/Oil Fires
  • Electrical Fires


      • Length - 242mm
      • Diameter - 54mm
      • Weight - 500gms
      • Discharge Time - >9 seconds
      • Warranty - 5 Years from Date of Manufacture
      • Mounting bracket included

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      Pound for pound Fire One extinguishers are more efficient at than traditional extinguishers. 

      As a guide, the First Response can be used to replace a 1kg DCP and the Adventurer a 2kg.

      Fire One Dry Powder C02
      Yes No No
      Lightweight Yes No No
      Easy to use Yes No No
      Non-Toxic Yes Sometimes No
      EPA approved green agent Yes No No
      Non-corrosive Yes Sometimes Yes
      No Maintenance required Yes Frequent Frequent
      Non-Pressurised Yes No No
      Most efficient extinguishing agent Yes No No
      Unaffected by humidity/ moisture Yes Unknown Yes
      Leaves no residue /mess  Yes No Yes
      All fire types (except D class) Yes No Yes

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews

        Extinguisher looks well made, and is nice and compact. Order arrived quickly.

        Great Compact Fire Extinguisher!

        Purchased 3 of these, installed one beside the house front door interior light switch, the other beside the interior back door light switch and the third one beside the driver’s seat in the 4x4. Lightweight to grab ‘n go if needed. Very easy to activate and use without creating a white powder snowstorm!


        Fire One extinguisher

        I have previously seen two demos of the Firestyker extiguisher which uses similar chemical to Fire One, but it failed miserably, and you have to get really close to a fire to use it. I am hoping Fire One will be better, but it is too costly to use it just on a test. So I will carry a normal dry powder extinguisher as well. Id like to see someones independant real life test to show that it works

        First response fire extinguishers

        Great versatile product ! Convenient cost effective and compact. Useful for all recreational vehicles and houses. Above all Safety for your family.

        Compact and easy to use

        I am more than happy with the First Response Fire extinguisher, it is small and compact and easy to use. Definitely better than a bulky extinguisher in the kitchen that requires ongoing maintenance. It gives piece of mind to have it on hand should anything happen in the home.

        Innovative product

        We replaced our extinguisher on our boat with this one. The old one was quite bulky and the holder metal got in the way with our limited space. This one fits perfectly. We love that it can be used on all fires and it’s got the same capability as traditional ones double it’s size. We can see all old bulky ones being replaced by these in the future.

        First class service.

        Very good communication and well priced products well worth the piece of mind they will give.

        Awesome Service and Product

        Really happy with the product and user friendly. Super fast delivery!



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