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How to choose a fire extinguisher - PACT

Hey guys, it's John from Fire One.

I want to talk to you today about the best way to choose a fire extinguisher and the best way to choose a fire extinguisher is the same process as choosing the best actions to take at a fire or other emergency.

As a career fire fighter for the past 11 years, I’ve had first-hand experience going to emergency incidents where there's a lot going on when we first arrive. The public look to us to turn their chaos into calm. The choices we make have a direct and lasting effect on the outcomes on the incident, our safety and how we can help the public when they need it most. Our decision-making process is systematic and we repeatedly train until this process is second nature. At the heart of it is the word PACT.

PACT stands for Priorities, Alternatives, Choose, and Take action.
Useful to us on the fireground, you can also use PACT in your everyday life to help you make decisions, whether you want to buy a new fire extinguisher, a big screen TV, or a brand-new car or any other things that you want or need.

Step one is prioritising. Working out what’s the most important thing to you? When responding to emergencies its always rescues or risk to life. but, if you're looking at buying a fire extinguisher you would say, "Well, what are the most important features or aspects for me? Is it price? Is it the effectiveness? Is it how easy it is to use? Safety aspects, size? and of course what type of fire do am I trying to protect against? Asking yourself these types of questions will develop your list of your priorities, then you can move to the next step.

Step two is looking at the alternatives or, options available and comparing them. The more features, benefits or selling points that an extinguisher has that match your priority list the better fit it is for your needs. At this point the best choice should be fairly obvious, but the process might also allow you to re-evaluate what you previously ranked as most important.

Step Three is making a choice. Its the step where people often procrastinate, they find it difficult to make a choice and become caught up in a story of “what if I make the wrong decision?” If you’ve put in a bit of effort in steps one and two, you won’t make the wrong decision because you know what most important to you and what your options are. It’s just saying that’s my best option, that’s the extinguisher I want!

Then, it's time for Step four. Taking action. When it comes to buying an extinguisher, or bringing an emergency to a resolution there is no value until you take action. In the case of an extinguisher, you're not protected until you buy. So, make the purchase, install it and know how to use it!

If you buy anything other than a Fire One extinguisher make sure you maintain it regularly and know what fires its safe to use on.

If you buy ours, you can be confident you have an extinguisher you can use on any type of fire and that it’ll work first time, every time without any ongoing effort to look after it.

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