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Glass breaker seatbelt cutter keyring

Product image 1Glass breaker seatbelt cutter keyring
Product image 2Glass breaker seatbelt cutter keyring
Product image 3Glass breaker seatbelt cutter keyring
Product image 4Glass breaker seatbelt cutter keyring
Product image 5Glass breaker seatbelt cutter keyring

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A tool to break the window and cut the seatbelt if you or someone else is trapped in a car.  Popular with fire fighters.

APPLICATIONS:  This is a tool not a toy.

1. Use the glass breaker in an emergency.  

Press the black end against a side window low in the corner

You'll hear a click and the window is broken.

2. To use the seatbelt cutter.

Hold the seatbelt cutter in one hand and the belt taut with the other

Draw the blade across the belt on an angle.


Material: ABS+Metal

Size: approx. 72 x 31 x 15mm
Net Weight: 22g

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