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About our extinguishers..

Fire One extinguishers are the next generation in fire extinguisher technology.  Unlike traditional extinguishers in design or features, they are a giant leap forward like the iPhone was to the flip phone or Nokia; they are a completely different experience.

Fire One extinguishers utilise patented condensed aerosol nanoparticle technology as the extinguishing medium which is more efficient than dry powder and CO2 extinguishers.  This enables our extinguishers to be much smaller in size for a comparative extinguishing ability.

Weekend warriors, next door neighbours, your mother-in-law, tenants and co-workers can all confidently use our lightweight, portable products in the early stage of a fire by following the simple instructions. 




 About our extinguishers..

A patented solid aerosol generating compound (extinguishing media A) is stored within a canister inside the extinguisher.  

Pressing the start button initiates a controlled combustion process which converts the solid into an aerosol (extinguishing media B).

The aerosol passes through a cooling chamber prior to exiting the discharge nozzle.  The energy created during the controlled burn propels the aerosol.

The particles that are suspended in the aerosol are 0.01 microns in size (that's about 600 times smaller than the width of a hair).



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All fires require heat, fuel, oxygen and a chemical chain reaction to continue to burn.  Removing any one of these four elements will cause a fire to go out.

The Fire One range of fire extinguishers main method of extinguishment is to interrupt the chemical chain reaction.

During combustion, free radicals, (oxygen, hydrogen and hydroxide) are released and further fuel the fire's growth. 

Our Potassium based nano-particles bind to the free radicals breaking the chain reaction to extinguish the fire.



  • More efficient than dry powder and CO2 extinguishers
  • Classes A (not deep seated), B, C, E and F Fires
  • Internationally tested and certified (RINA, SGS, CE, BRE, ISO9001)
  • Non-toxic: safe for humans
  • Environmentally safe (EPA)
  • Non-pressurised
  • No visual residue (mess) after use
  • Non-corrosive
  • Maintenance free
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They look different.. so did your phone 20 years ago!!

The 'First Response extinguisher' with 50grams of agent can do the same job as a 1kg dry powder without the messy clean up!

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