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Referral Rewards set up

Set Up Your Referral Reward Login

1) click the link and create a profile


2) Go to the Products tab

3) Copy & paste the following link into the left hand box

4) Check - The box on the left should look like this (don't worry about the box on the right)

5) Go to the settings tab

6) Enter any relevant details and click 'Save Changes'

7) Click the 'Change' payment settings button and change the payment method to paypal. Add the email address of your paypal account.  Click 'Save"

If you don't have a paypal account. Go here to get one.



8) Go to the home tab. Your unique referral link is listed here.

9) share the link via text, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, your website and in person.

10) Login to Fire Tribe on our website homepage to access your dashboard and see pending payments


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